Currently living in Montreal (Canada) and working freelance as a front-end developer. That’s who they call the link between designers and developers touching in both world all the time -yup!

Otherwise you'll find me coding in front of my computer or simply under a tree smiling about the colors of an autumn forest.


Observer and keen on learning everyday, I never hesitate to fully engage in what I do - giving a major point on quality and details over quantity.

Besides that I enjoy nature a lot, pagan folk music and spirit, Walloon forests, Scandinavian landscapes, Breton pancakes and mead. Mix it all. Best served chilled.


Had the chance to work with

  • Ice-Watch
  • EVS
  • RubyMotion
  • European University Association
  • Global Crop Diversity Trust
  • KitoZyme
  • Groupe Eloy
  • Quatuor
  • Jean-Philippe Darcis
  • BCO Aviation
  • …and more